IN-SERVICEThe facilities shall ensure that staff of residential care facilities have the apprpraite trainng to provide the care and services. JMPM Consutants is available to conduct orientation and in-service training depending on the needs of the board and care home and assisted living facilities. Objectives for the In-service Training for Staff may vary: as a mandatory requirement for orientation and annual training, a recourse for the plan of correcton, resolution to work related problems, inadequate knowledge and awareness of the Health and Safety Code and Title 22 Regulations. Methods of instructions include use of audio-visual materials, lecture and staff participation and group discussions. The In-Service Training curricula includes, but are not limitd to: How to Safely Administer Medications, Care for Person's with Dementia, Communicating with Residents, Psycho-Social Needs of The Elderly. Abuse Preventon, Principles of Nutrition, Infection Control, Universal Precautions to Prevent Transmission of Pathogens, Prohibited and Restricted Health Conditions, Prevention of skin Breakdown, etc.